SECT CTF 2016 Web Challenge

This CTF comes after the previous MMA CTF which got over on 5th September. One of the things that attracted me was that, it included XSS challenges.

Challenge URL :

The challenge was presented with a text box and we were asked to call alert(1).

Then, I tried viewing the source code

And I was able to find something written down inside the script tags. Then I understood essentially my target was to by pass the var a=””;. So for that, I tried injecting a payload into the URL which was like;alert(1)//. That threw me an error which said that dontrunthisscript is not defined. Now the payload became more simple as my requirement was to create a new function and then call alert(1) inside and eventually got submitted the same URL, got into the index.php page and boom, flag was there!

Flag: sect{h0ist_uR_funct10n5_h0ist_y0_w1fe}